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  • Video Game in a Box

    From Teague Labs:

    Using a Teagueduino and a few inputs and outputs, we put together a physical side-scrolling video game. To control it, there’s a knob on the side. As time advances the game gets faster and faster — can you avoid all the obstacles and make it to the end?

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  • Back to the Start - Making of

    View the making of video for Johnny Kelly's short film “Back to the Start”. From Nexus Productions:

    The pace and timeline of the film is captured beautifully in camera using traditional stop frame model animation techniques to track the life of a farmer. Filmed in one sweeping take the film was painstakingly animated over 4-weeks on one large all-encompassing model background.

    Read more and watch the finished film here.

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  • u_joo+limheeyoung (kinetic art)

    Check out these amazing devices made by South Korean artist Limhee Young.

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  • When the University of Washington commissioned us to create an interactive architectural installation in its new Foster School of Business building, we knew exactly what we needed for the job: an incredibly versatile LED tile that could shift from scrolling text to full-color motion graphics. The only problem? It didn’t exist. So we developed a prototype, refined it, and, once we couldn’t make it any better, named it Tessera.

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    A good example of interactive architectural projection:

    A mapping by 1024 Architecture, projected on the facade of former Lyrical theater the "Celestins". The building deformations and figures were controlled by the audience, using a microphone and an audio analysis algorythm.

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