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  • Recompose is a new system for manipulation of an actuated surface. By collectively utilizing the body as a tool for direct manipulation alongside gestural input for functional manipulation, we show how a user is afforded unprecedented control over an actuated surface. We describe a number of interaction techniques exploring the shared space of direct and gestural input, demonstrating how their combined use can greatly enhance creation and manipulation beyond unaided human capability.

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  • Why I LOVE My 3D Printer

    A kick-ass presentation by a 10 year old about why 3D printers are cool.

    Read more about it here.

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  • Battle of the Frogs is just one of the curiosities discovered in Louis Mantin's French mansion that was shuttered in 1911.

    Read about it at National Geographic.

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  • Hardwood Bikes by Renovo

    09 February, 2011

    Sweet wood bikes by Renovo

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  • Invisible Man by Liu Bolin

    04 February, 2011

    Liu Bolin, from Shandong, China, manages to camouflage himself in any surroundings, no matter how difficult they might be.

    Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time, to make sure he gets it just right, but he achieves the right effect: sometimes passers-by don’t even realize he is there until he moves.

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