Revisiting JFK's Legacy with Oregon Historical Society

March 2017

We partnered with our friends at exhibit-design firm Renate to help celebrate the life, legacy, and centennial birthday of America’s 35th President in the recent Oregon Historical Society exhibit High Hopes: The Journey of John F. Kennedy. To provide insight into the struggles John F. Kennedy faced during his presidency, Sticky designed and programmed an interactive iPad game that provides historical insight into the Cold War.

“EXCOMM: What’s Your Move?” is a touchscreen game based on “Milles Borne,” a French card game from 1954. Players represent The Executive Committee of the National Security Council (EXCOMM), which advised President John F. Kennedy during his presidency. Throughout the game, players learn how the United States and the Soviet Union competed to dominate international affairs. The goal? Score 1,000 points before the USSR while learning about critical Cold War events—the Berlin crisis, the Cuban missile crisis, and the space race.

If you’re in Portland between March 25th and November 7th, check out the exhibit at Oregon Historical Society to get a glimpse of the political climate during the tenure of John F. Kennedy.

Photo of table with 14 tablets