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Light Chimes Timelapse

Sticky Creates Interactive Light Exhibit03 February, 2017

One of the greatest things about this business is the variety of projects we are able to work on. Although Sticky Co. possesses some industry specific experience, we also like to engage in projects that explore interactive media differently. In the end, we are able to challenge ourselves, meet new people, and contribute the rich and diverse collection of art dedicated for the public.

The Portland Winter Light Festival, a community wide celebration of light, granted us the opportunity to do just that. The event focused on illuminating the mid-winter darkness with light installations, projections and performances by artists from Oregon.

I think it would be safe to say that Sticky Co. has never took it upon themselves to build an installation with a focus on light and sound. How could we use our technical and creative skills to build an interactive installation that instills a visual and melodic synesthetic experience? Moreover: how could we have the experience grow as more people interacted with the installation?

Our idea: Light Chimes. What started out as a single LED attached to a motion sensor on a breadboard transformed into an 18-foot suspended installation that reacts to passersby with an array of colored lights and melodies. A visitor could create a vibrant and harmonic experience that followed them by simply walking under any of the 19 nodes.

We collaborated with other artists to create, what we thought, an experience that would tap into the public’s imagination and curiosity. The cross-discipline collaboration opened us up to new ideas as these different worlds came together. Little hexes created a collection of melodies that each depicted a color of light, while Twenty Four 7 constructed the frame we designed so all of our hard work can be held together.

It was an amazing journey to develop and build our light chimes, collaborate with other artists, and give Portland a contemporary art installation. You can experience Light Chimes Feb 1st - Feb 4th, 2017 at OMSI. Additionally, you can see the final installation here