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Bonny Doon Vineyard E-commerce Website

Greetings earthlings, take us to your leader. But first, do you know where we can pick up a nice celestial red?

Bonny Doon Vineyard stands out as much for its eccentric personality as for its distinctive wines. So we designed its website with playful references to the company's agricultural alignment with celestial phases and repeating patterns in nature. The main navigation is a crop circle symbol that brands their commitment to biodynamics. The navigation and visual elements integrate with Nexternal, the vineyard's existing e-commerce store, to keep customers fully immersed in the quirky, online Dooniverse. Unsurprisingly, the site made a big splash on planet Earth: in 2007 it was honored for design excellence by the AIGA.

  • Navigating a universe of wine has never been so easy.

  • We like to call them UMOs—Unidentified Marketing Objects. Promotional specials appear in an engaging Zeppelin format on every page, driving the user to the online store without breaking continuity in their experience of the site. The first promotional special marketed on the site met 160% of the client's new sales goal in just two days.