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Oregon Historical Society The Lincoln Challenge

We developed a fun interactive game to test gallery goers of every age on all things Abe.

Sticky was asked by the Oregon Historical Society to create an interactive installation for its exhibit, 2 years, 1 Month: Lincoln’s Legacy. The goal? Capture visitors’ attention and entice them to learn more about Abraham Lincoln in a fun, relatable way.

Collaborating with exhibition design team Renate, we created The Lincoln Challenge. A playful, educational touchscreen game, the installation featured three digital displays with an attract mode in which an animated Abe dared onlookers to test their knowledge of the sixteenth president.

Visitors were prompted through a series of randomized brainteasers, including multiple choice, artifact sorting, and fill in the blank—plus lots of colorful commentary like “Unimpeachable!” and “Flim flam!”. The experience was also available on handheld devices in the gallery—perfect for larger groups of kids coming through on field trips. After completing the quiz, players could enter their initials in an arcade-style leader board, cementing their place in history.