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Sticky Wanderlust Beverages & Packaging

Sometimes interactive can be as simple as some ingenuity…and a brown paper bag.

Wanderlust is characterized as an intense desire to roam. It was also the theme of a recent Sticky party. In true Sticky style, we rolled up our shirt-sleeves and brewed four blends of our own beer, three sweet strains of sodas, and two sprightly spirits. Every beverage was served from a humble apothecary bottle in a brown paper sack, each inked with a cryptic symbol from our own hobo code—a language of pictograms used among vagabonds. Our beverages were more than mere libation that night—they became “moments of stickiness” for our guests as they explored and savored.

  • We created our own hobo code, each symbol translating to a particular flavor.

  • Distressed packaging included our invite (which we kinda jammed through the laser printer).