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Elsevier ScienceDirect Interactive Game

'Cause science geeks need fun, too.

Our interactive game needed to meet two goals: a) show librarians that there was value in maintaining their subscription to ScienceDirect, the world’s leading online science database; and b) let students know that ScienceDirect had easy-access answers and information for all their science research.

To meet this challenge, we created Find Me Online—a game where players were led through a virtual library and asked to answer science questions to score points. They were also encouraged to cheat—with the help of a ScienceDirect popup that let players search journals and periodicals to get answers.

  • For brand continuity, game avatars were carried over from existing print work created by The Reeves Agency.

  • We decorated each level of the game with sci-fi set dressing—which looks even crazier when it's all put together like we did here.