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UPC Songfest Multimedia Campaign

A Sticky concept start to finish—it’s a blast when we get to bring our sense of humor to the party.

UPC is one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies, with 11 subsidiaries across the continent. When it wanted to boost business in a big way, UPC came to Sticky to create an internal multimedia campaign to motivate its sales managers.

For this campaign, we created Pump Up the Volume, a multimedia parody of the annual Eurovision Songfest competition television show. Weekly Pump Up the Volume episodes included comic backstage plots and corporate anthems in a range of genres—disco, folk, jazz, R&B, opera, heavy metal, reggae, indie rock, rap, country, and funk. Each song was “performed" by animated versions of the Managing Director, CTO, Marketing Director, and Customer Care Director of each UPC subsidiary. The campaign went to the top of the charts, with record customer growth during what is usually UPC's slowest season of the year.

  • Weekly episodes—each with a custom musical number from a different genre—were distributed as podcasts to UPC employees via iTunes and DVD.

  • DVD packaging included Behind the Music-style bios for each “band.”

  • Campaign posters were plastered across UPC offices just like concert posters back in the college dorm.