Installing Lil' Aurora in the ceiling of a home in Prague.

When the Port of Portland commissioned Sticky to create Portaurora for permanent installation at Portland International Airport, our goal was for travelers to be enchanted by this interactive art piece. We didn’t expect someone would love Portaurora so much, they’d want to bring it home with them.

But that’s what happened. So we’ve created Lil’ Aurora, a more intimate at-home version of the larger public art piece, which we’re installing in a private residence in Prague.

What special souvenir can we create for you?

Testing Lil' Aurora's lights during its installation.
Two round women and a man holding a baby walking under Light Chimes.

From August 2021 through June 2022, Light Chimes, Sticky’s light- and-sound-art collaboration, was on display inside a historic, hundred-year old barn at the Pine Meadow Ranch Center for Arts & Agriculture. The Center hosted the installation to create a dialog between traditional crafts and new technology. Center staff were delighted to discover how visitors from the community, local schools, and universities, as well as artists from around the country, all responded to the playful interactive.

Large interactive screens with Oregon map and cultural information.

And the 2022 Oregon Heritage Excellence Award goes to … the Capitol History Gateway Project, which includes the Oregon State Capitol’s Welcome Center.

Designed by Sticky, the Welcome Center ensures visitors get the most out of their time in the Capitol building, while providing content that allows adults and kids experience over 170 cultural, heritage, and historical sites statewide – all featured in the Welcome Center interactives.

Couple under Light Chimes at the HDM

We were delighted when the High Desert Museum included Light Chimes, Sticky’s light-and-sound-art collaboration, as part of the immersive gallery experience they created for the museum’s Infinite Moment exhibition. Originally intended as a prelude to another immersive desert experience — Burning Man 2020 — the exhibition opened at the beginning of February 2020. Although Burning Man went virtual that year because of the pandemic, visitors to the High Desert Museum were able to experience Light Chimes in person for an extended period, through the beginning of 2021. It was definitely a year when people were looking for things to explore and enjoy, so we were glad to give High Desert Museum visitors this chance to play with light, color, and sound.

We're never ones to opt out of making a fun game! Commissioned to develop a retro, arcade style game with modern mechanics we booted up Unity and punched this baby out! Complete with joysticks, leaderboards, and a catchy custom soundtrack.


June 2019

We like to tinker here at Sticky. And we build things to be experienced. With form, function, interaction and whimsy, one of our newest studio purchases delighted us so much we thought it was deserving of its own spotlight.

A little video about Sticky and the team that makes it all happen.