Saddle Bronc horse, War Paint, with title graphic.

Discover the story of rodeo royalty with Sticky's in-person interactive tribute to War Paint, the World Renowned Saddle Bronc horse, at the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame. Explore War Paint's life from his early days to his rodeo achievements, riders, and awards, and immerse yourself in his rich history and legendary talent.

War Paint was famous for his strength and powerful bucking abilities. As soon as he exploded out of the chute, he jumped high and kicked hard. Within the first three kicks, he went into his signature dive, which threw most cowboys off in just a few seconds. The interactive showcases War Paint's impressive bucking style, as well as his strong presence in the rodeo ring. The interactive also highlights the riders who faced War Paint in the ring, as well as the awards he won for his rodeo prowess.