Sticky works with our friends (and neighbors) at SPLASH once again. We put togehter a special photoshoot for a new and upcoming VR tech advertising campaign!


Expanding on our existing art installation at the Portland International Airport; PortAurora now has a third alcove and features SOUND! Go down concourse D next time you’re flying and get swept away in our interactive light and sound exhibit.


U-brew 2019

January 2019
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Brewing beer again at Portland U-Brew and Unicorn Brewing! We handcrafted a special Grapefruit IPA and Ruby Ale especially for our upcoming studio party. We always have fun creating names and labels for them. Now on tap at Sticky!


24/7 holiday party

December 2018

The Sticky team had a ball at Twentyfour7's annual holiday party!


A touchscreen interactive for the Oregon Music Hall of Fame is currently in development. As in most of our projects, everyone is working closely together to bring it to the finish line.

Items in resin block
resin figure

Rob and Amanda decided to try something new. Something involving molds, resin, and LEDs. They had fun doing test pours with random objects found around in the workshop. With the testing phase complete, we are now excited to try our hand (pun intended) at something more polished.

resin fingers
resin fingers in mold
flower in resin cube
resin being poured into mold with flower

Uniformly Sticky

November 2018
Group photo of Sticky team in jumpsuits.

Casual Friday at Sticky Co. No, but seriously, we needed a team photo and what better way to show team spirit than to make up an impromptu work uniform? I’m sure these jumpsuits will make another appearance soon!

Jumpsuit photoshoot
Jumpsuit photoshoot
Jumpsuit photoshoot
Jumpsuit photoshoot

AR Test Wagon 1.0

November 2018

Stepping into Oregon history with AR! We’re using 2D photo detection to trigger 3D augmented reality.

Great reception last night at the Oregon Historical Society’s new exhibit: 200 years of Oregon beer!The crowd loved crafting their own beer styles with our interactive touchscreen.

Beer exhibit opening night
beer interactive screens

Go team! A lot of blood, glitter and tears went into our new interactive light show at the Portland airport. Take a stroll between gates D-9 and D-10 and look up!