UPC Campaigns

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Pump Up the Volume

UPC is one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies, with 11 subsidiaries across the continent. To boost business in a big way, UPC asked Sticky to create quarterly campaigns to motivate sales teams in each country. We crafted rich escapades for the competitors, leading them through a daring space adventure, an international secret agent competition, and even the Tour de UPC bicycle race. Each campaign featured inside jokes and sales jargon while reinforcing current sales initiatives.

Our very favorite was “Songfest”, a flat-out hilarious multimedia parody of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Each weekly episode included comic backstage plots and custom-composed corporate anthems in a range of genres—disco, folk, jazz, R&B, opera, heavy metal, reggae, indie rock, rap, country, and funk. Animated versions of the managing director, chief technology officer, marketing director, and customer care director from each UPC subsidiary performed the songs, with actual sales figures delivering the winning team each week. The campaign resulted in a riot of laughter and an increase in competitive spirit—with record customer growth during what was usually UPC’s slowest season of the year.

Poster graphic for AGENT 006 campaign
Photo of Songfest disc and packaging
Photo of Songfest poster
Posters for Tour de UPC and AGENT 006 campaigns
Custom figurines created for UPC Quest campaign