World War II

Background image for World War II project
Deciphering Oregon’s WWII History

Just one of many multimedia features Sticky created for the Oregon Historical Society’s World War II exhibit, our “Crack The Code” game gave visitors a basic understanding of cryptography based on the centerpiece artifact, an authentic Enigma code-breaking machine. Players were on a mission to decipher popular quotes and sayings of the era. The game first asked players to select the level of difficulty, “New Recruit” or “Master Decoder.” As play began, the clock ticked as onscreen dials clicked and turned, with optional hints along the way. The goal? Drag and drop letters to crack the secret code as quickly as they could, and then enter their initials on the leaderboard for all to see.

Sticky also created an interactive “Oregon Stories” scrapbook where vistitors could view historic videos focused on Oregon’s role in the war and browse through images and biographies of Oregon soldiers; motion graphics for Pearl Harbor, Newsreel, and Potsdam Proclamation videos; and audio for seven listening stations.

Photo of tabletop interactives
Photo of visitor touching the screen